Individual Tax Preparation

Rather you are a student, single no dependents or have children and trying to figure out your best tax situation, First Line Tax Pros is here to make sure you receive your maximum tax refund and income tax savings for the tax year.

Small Business Tax Preparation

First Line Tax Pros specializes in small business tax preparation and maximizing your tax return as a small business owner.

Advances and Rapid Refunds

We offer advances during the tax season for those who qualify as relief while you wait for your return from the IRS. Book your appointment now to see what you qualify for.

Small Business Startup

Need Help starting your LLC and applying for an EIN. First Line is here to help we also have other services such as payroll, business plans and more.

Tax Classes

Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur and making an additional source of income for you and your family. Sign Up for our annual tax class where we will show you all the tools you need to be s successful tax preparer